How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram

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Introducing your business on Instagram is an exciting step in any business’s life! But there are a few tips and tricks you should know beforehand so that you can maximize the number of likes and followers you are able to get from your first post.

So you’ve set up your Instagram business account, and now you’re ready to begin posting content to Instagram. But you’re a little unsure how to introduce your business on Instagram.

The Importance of Introducing Your Business on Instagram

The average lifespan of an Instagram post is 48 hours, so every post needs to be intentional and well-thought-out. Especially that first post to introduce your business as it’ll be the first time you appear in your follower’s feeds!

Steps to Introduce Your Business on Instagram

Before you go ahead and post your first post, there are a couple of things you will want to do first. Let’s talk about all the steps you should take prior to introducing your business on Instagram, so you go about it the right way!

1. Get a Good Profile Photo

Before you introduce your business on Instagram, you need to ensure you have set up your account correctly! Whether you are a freelancer or a small business, you will need a profile photo that is clear and stands out.

You can use a photo of yourself, or you can use your logo if there is no “face” of your business.

Milk Jar Candle Co has cleverly used a cute icon that is heavily associated with their brand as their profile photo.

I’ve opted to use a photo of myself as my business is represented 100% by me.

You can choose anything that you feel is in line with your branding strategy on Instagram. Keep in mind that your profile photo will be small. If you are going to use your logo, a picture that has artwork, icons or text, make sure it was designed for small screens.

When I design logos for clients, I always create a sub-logo which is meant to work on smaller mediums. Below is an example of the primary logo, and then a sub-logo that can be shrunk down in size:

To change your profile photo, go to your profile and click on “Edit Profile.”

You can then click “Change Profile Photo” to upload your photo.

Here is where you can also update your bio, which brings me to my next point.

2. Write Your Instagram Bio

After getting your profile photo up, your next step is to write an Instagram bio that helps new visitors to your account understand your business and brand. Your Instagram bio must be 150 characters or less, so make sure your bio is concise and to the point.

Ask your self these questions (from the perspective of your audience) when trying to create your bio:

  • Who is this business?
  • Why should I follow them?
  • What’s special or unique about them?
  • What makes them stand out from their competitors?

And don’t forget that you can use emojis in your Instagram bio as well, which can help you convey a message without taking up too many characters.

3. Craft Your Introductory Post

Now that your Instagram profile is complete, it’s officially time to get your post ready to introduce your business on Instagram! Your first post on Instagram should give your followers some background into who your business is and how it can help them solve their problem.

You can choose to post a video or an image. Whatever you decide to post, make sure that the quality is high and that it reflects your brand. You can post anything from a photo of your store, a picture of yourself, a photo of your work or whatever you can think of.

4. Write Compelling Copy

The copy (aka the caption) of your post is equally as important as the media. Your caption should not only introduce your business to the Instagram world, but it should also include a call-to-action (CTA) for your visitors. In this case, you’d likely want your CTA to get visitors to your profile to follow you. So, your CTA should be something like “follow us to join our community!” or “follow to learn more!”

Before writing your caption, answer the question “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me?), from the perspective of your audience.

What will your audience gain by following you? How will your content help them down the road?

5. Interact With Your Followers (or Potential Followers)

Before you introduce your business on Instagram, you should already be interacting with people who follow you. If you have no followers, interact with people who you think might be interested in following you.

I recommend spending 30 minutes or so interacting with potential followers before you introduce your business on Instagram with that first post. This is so when you do put up your very first post, you’ll have engaged users clicking to your account who will be more likely to like, comment or follow you!

Finding potential followers is incredibly simple! Your first step is to go to your competitions’ Instagram accounts. You can find your audience by:

  • seeing who followers your competition and interacting with them
  • seeing who has commented or likes some of the recent posts from your competition

People who are following your competition are likely doing so because they are interested in that particular product or service, therefore, they will be more likely to care about the content you post as well!

You can also search up hashtags that are related to your niche by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen:

From there, you can enter a seed word that is related to your niche in the search bar at the top, that you think your customers would use. For example, if you are a pet store, you can start with the word “dog” to bring up dog-related hashtags! Click on the word “tags” to display different hashtags related to your initial seed word.

Now click on those hashtags and begin interacting with the most recently posted photos and videos! The reason you will want to interact with content that is most recent is that it means the user is still likely on the app. You’ll have a better chance at driving traffic back to your account if you are interacting with someone who is already scrolling through the ‘gram.

6. Post Your Photo or Video

Now is the time to officially introduce your business on Instagram by posting your first post! You have the caption ready to go and all you need to do is upload your photo (or video) and add the caption.

You are officially ready to go on Instagram!

7. Reply to Comments

After you’ve introduced your business on Instagram, don’t put your phone down and leave it for the day. You must be replying to all the comments you receive to begin building a relationship with your followers.

What to Post After Introducing Your Business on Instagram

After you’ve introduced your business on Instagram, your next task is to come up with a schedule of Instagram posts and begin posting regularly. If you aren’t sure what to post, I’ve compiled a bunch of Instagram post ideas to help get you started!

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