Bucket Brigades: What Are They? + Examples You Can Use

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What do firefighting and copywriting have in common? More than you might think. Although firefighting and copywriting are night and day from one another, copywriters use an old firefighting technique to ensure their copy is easy and enjoyable to read. That technique? Bucket brigades. Whether you need to write sales pages or blog posts (or … Read more

How to write content better than the competitors

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Ask any content writer or SEO the best way to rank higher in the SERPs, and they’ll tell you this: write something better than what’s already ranking. I’ve been guilty of dishing out this advice as well, but I got to thinking the other day: This advice is lazy, and here’s why. Yes, there’s plenty … Read more

How to Write Ecommerce Content That Sells

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My last impulse purchase was something I said I’d never get. (And yes, this is relevant to ecommerce content writing, so don’t skip this part.) Here’s what happened. My dog had just come inside from playing in the backyard and with her, she brought a smattering of pine needles, grass clippings, and bits of dead … Read more

How to use social media to build your personal brand

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This is a guest post from Megan MacNeill, a Personal Brand Strategist who helps professionals achieve personal & professional goals without sacrificing what is important. Personal branding is simply what people like, feel and say about you. Building yours takes conscious effort of putting yourself out there to influence and attract the right people and … Read more