Instagram Bio Ideas With Emoji 😎

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Your Instagram bio is a very important piece of your Instagram profile. If you are looking to attract followers and grow your Instagram, having a snappy bio is a surefire way to grab your users’ attention and compel them to click the follow button.

But you only have 150 characters to dedicate to your Instagram bio, which begs the question: how do you write such compelling copy in such limited space?

The answer is simple! You need to write a cool bio for Instagram using emoji! 😎

Why Write an Instagram Bio With Emoji

There are many reasons someone might want an Instagram bio with emoji. Here are some of the top reasons why using emoji in your bio is a good idea.

Emoji Will Save Space in Your Instagram Bio

Simply put, emoji are icons depicting an idea or emotion. Emoji are so popular that there is a World Emoji Day (it’s celebrated on July 17, in case you would like to start planning your emoji party now 😉).

With a character limit on what you can write in your bio, you only have a short amount of time to get your message across to your using. Using emoji is a helpful way to deliver that message without cluttering your bio with unnecessary words!

For example, if you’d like to list your contact information, you can save space by writing it like this:

By replacing the words “e-mail:”, “phone:”, and “location:”, you’ve allotted yourself an extra 19 characters to do with as you please!

The Meaning of Emoji Change in Context

Before you go sprinkling emoji into your bio, you’ll need to take a step back and ask yourself if the emoji you are using are being used correctly.

Depending on the audience you are looking to attract, different emoji can have entirely different meanings than what you may think at first glance.

For example, the “peach” emoji 🍑 could easily be used by a business selling fruit pies, but it is also widely used by bodybuilders and workout pros in reference to the glutes.

The clapping emoji 👏 might seem like it’s applauding something but when used in between every 👏 single 👏 word 👏 it signifies a bit of sass!

The wonderful thing about emojis is the multiple meanings they can have when in a different contexts. Emojis allow you to think outside of the box and when trying to come up with different Instagram bio ideas with emojis, you don’t necessarily need to use emojis that are a direct replacement of the words you are looking to replace!

Emojis Can Add Emotion

In an often faceless digital world, people are craving connection, and believe it or not, emojis are fulfilling that emotional connection.

We all know how difficult it can be to convey emotion online.

For example, if you landed a huge client and quickly sent a text to your friend that say, “I have something to tell you”, they could easily interpret your text as a forewarning for bad news.

However, adding an emoji completely changes the context: “I have something to tell you 😃💃🏽”. The version with the emoji is able to carry the emotions through to the other end and better convey the message.

Emotions are a powerful way to connect with your audience.

This devilish-smiling emoji 😈 screams “I’m up to no good…” and could be the perfect emoji for a brand that doesn’t like to “play by the rules”.

Using emojis can help you quickly declare to your audience what kind of brand you are, so you can start building that emotional connection. And emotional connections are key to creating long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Where to Find Emoji for Instagram

Finding emoji to put in your Instagram bio is as easy as picking up your smartphone and using the emoji keypad.

An assortment of animal emoji
The keypad on your phone has different emojis you can use

You can also easily search for specific emojis on Emojipedia via your desktop or laptop computer.

Instagram Bio Ideas With Emoji

Now has come the time to craft your Instagram bio with emojis! Where do you start?

Well first, don’t get too emoji-happy and overdo it. There are no hard rules, but less is always more in the case of emojis.

Second, be sure to research any hidden meanings behind the emoji you are using so you don’t end up using something that is entirely off-brand!

If you are still looking for some Instagram bio ideas with emojis, take a look at some of these for inspiration.

1. Use Emoji in Your Instagram Bio as a CTA

A CTA (call-to-action) is something that directs your audience to a specific action. If you have a link in your bio, your CTA is usually to get your audience to click on the link at some point or another.

One idea to incorporate emoji into your Instagram bio is to supplement your CTA with an emoji (usually the “pointing” emoji), but an emoji can also be used to highlight a hashtag you want your audience to interact with!

2. Use Emoji in Your Instagram Bio to Provide More Info

We discussed above how emojis can be used as a quick and concise way to tell your story.

The following brands have used emojis in their Instagram bios to do just that!

Instagram bio with emojis
Instagram bio with emojis
Instagram bio with emojis
Instagram bio with emojis

3. Use Emojis to Link Social Accounts

If you have multiple social channels or divisions of your business and would like to link to your other accounts, assigning each account an emoji can help you.

Instagram bio with emojis
Instagram bio with emojis

4. Use Emoji to Highlight Contact Information

If you’re a business or influencer that relies heavily on incoming emails and phone calls for collaborations or customer inquiries, highlighting your contact information in your bio can be very helpful.

As we talked about above, emojis can be used to replace words such as “e-mail:” and “phone:” and highlight them.

Instagram bio with emojis

5. Highlight Important Information with Emoji

Since Instagram doesn’t allow you to format the text in your bio with different fonts, colors or styles, it can be difficult to make certain points pop out.

A great Instagram bio idea with emoji is to highlight key info using those emojis! For this to be effective, you will only want to surround the important line of text with emojis and nothing else.

Instagram bio with emojis

Choosing the Right Emoji for Your Instagram Bio

In most cases, you can’t go wrong when choosing an emoji for your Instagram bio. At the end of the day, choosing a star instead of a shooting star isn’t going to cause your followers to hit that unfollow button!

Emojis are meant to be a fun way to express your feelings and get your point across. But as I mentioned above, certain emojis can have different meanings in different contexts.

Remember: if you plan to use emojis in your Instagram bio, use them sparingly and don’t overdo it.

Other Cool Instagram Bio Ideas

Adding emoji to your Instagram bio is one way to stand out, but there are other ways you can make your Instagram bio pop without adding emojis.

Using different Instagram bio fonts will give your Instagram account a unique edge.

I love using IGfonts to generate a handful of cool new fonts to use on Instagram.

All you need to do is write what you’d like your bio to say, and it will generate a ton of ideas, including ones with emoji and ones without.

You can use different fonts and emojis to better brand your Instagram!

image with text overlay: Instagram bio ideas with emoji

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