B2B SaaS Copywriter

Hey, I’m Dana—a freelance B2B SaaS writer who writes product-led content + copy ✍🏻

I once read that online readers have the attention span of a goldfish.

And at only eight seconds, that’s simply not enough time to convince someone to read your content, let alone sign up for your product.

That’s where I come in.

I don’t just write content, I write content that people enjoy reading for more than eight seconds. Content that:

  1. Drives organic traffic
  2. Guides the readers to your CTA
  3. Inspires them to take action (so your MRR keeps growing)
  4. Fits into your overall content strategy

But talk is cheap; let’s dive into some of my results.


Quick stats

  • After finding a low competition keyword that was buzzing with interest, I wrote an article that quickly climbed the ranks on Google and sold $6,262.34 worth of product in 31 days.
  • I developed a sales funnel with blog posts, email marketing, and ad copy that resulted in $40,000 during a two month sales period.
  • In one year, my articles increased traffic to a site by 241.20% (from 183,115 pageviews to 624,796 pageviews).
  • My content has resulted directly in 20,000 email subscriber signups over several years.
  • My personal portfolio of websites drive over 2 million pageviews annually (organically).
  • I’ve snagged SME quotes from published authors, industry experts, and even reality T.V. stars to add additional credibility and *pizzaz* to my articles.


Article writing

What: blog articles and case studies

How it works: you send me an article topic with a detailed brief and I write an SEO article.

What’s included:

  • Topic research
  • Formatting for readability and flow
  • Search engine optimization based on the keyword(s) you provided
  • Competitor research
  • Recommended meta data (title + description)
  • Images, screenshots, and examples
  • Expert quotes (if necessary)

SEO content strategy

What: SEO strategy

How it works: I manage your content strategy so you can focus on the parts of your business you enjoy.

What’s included:

  • A quarterly content plan where I perform in-depth research to determine which topics/keywords will resonate the most with your audience and drive traffic to your site
  • Briefs for each article so your writers know exactly what to write about
  • Internal linking strategy to support current + new content


What: sales and landing pages, ads, and/or emails

How it works: I spend time speaking with you and other customer-facing team members to dig deep into your audience to write high-converting copy.

What’s included:

  • Research into your target audience to understand their pain-points and to gather VoC
  • Competitor research
  • *I require a minimum spend of $5,000 for copywriting packages. I do not offer one-off copy for things like emails or ads as I need to perform an immense amount of research to fully understand your target audience

I’ve written for…

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Read some of my work

If you want more writing samples, please fill out the contact form at the end of this page and I will send you a link to my private portfolio.

  1. 20+ post-event survey questions to ask after an online event (Hotar)
  2. 5 essential small business videos (Moovly)
  3. Preparing for the end of third-party cookies as a creator (ConvertKit)


“Dana was the first freelance writer I went to when I needed help delivering content for the Hotjar blog. She is always a pleasure to work with: she’s flexible, knowledgeable, and isn’t afraid to dig into big research projects as and when needed. One of the best things about working with Dana is how she gracefully accepts feedback—and provides thoughtful feedback of her own. In the past few months, her content has brought in nearly 1k new sessions and visitors to the Hotjar blog. I would 100% recommend and trust Dana for any writing project and am looking forward to continuing to partner with her in the future.” -Tawni Sattler, Hotjar

“Dana did an exceptional job of writing an in-depth review of a popular marketing platform. She did a considerable amount of research and the end product was exactly what I was hoping for. I’ll definitely be working with her again soon.” -Brendan Brown, Expert Editor

“Dana is one of the strongest Market Researchers I have worked with. She was a key member of our team at TransAlta that organized a Customer Segmentation & Analysis effort on the Commercial & Industrial Power segment. She is extremely organized and produces great work. Her primary and secondary research skills are excellent, as is her ability to draw meaningful conclusions from large amounts of data. Dana’s research on segmentation methodology was comprehensive and well thought out. It supported our decision on the type of segmentation we would conduct. In addition to the market research, Dana can also do the hard analysis required. Her work led to a concise and well-documented report for Management. I was very impressed with Dana’s level of commitment and her work ethic. She is an outstanding addition to any team.” -Nevine Booth, TransAlta

“Dana was a pleasure to work with on AAISA’s RefugeeAlberta.ca project. She is assertive, professional, and a clear communicator, which was especially important and appreciated for her telecommute/remote role. Her quality of work and speedy responses made her the go-to Content Coordinator in my mind, and I would certainly take any opportunity to work with her again. Thank you, Dana!” -Kali Readwin, AAISA

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