Freelance B2B SaaS Copywriter

Hi there! I’m Dana—a freelance B2B SaaS copywriter who is obsessed with analytics and growth. Through research, I’ll write articles to engage your readers, increase leads, and ultimately, sales.

I've been a SaaS copywriter for three years and have worked in marketing for 10 years with companies such as the Calgary Flames, Yelp and TransAlta.

As a lifelong learner, I aim to improve my work by taking courses and experimenting with new tactics on my own websites.

While my focus is B2B SaaS copywriting, I have no problem researching new topics. In fact, one of my highest-traffic pieces ranking in Google is about dogs.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring new places and burying my nose
in a good book.

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Quick Stats

  • I developed a sales funnel with blog posts, email marketing and retargeting ads that resulted in $40,000 during a two month sales period
  • I've had 20,000 email subscriber signups by writing rich content that ranks high in search results
  • My average email open rate is 30.71%. Some of my clients see open rates between 30%-45% which is well over the industry average of 17.92% (2019, Campaign Monitor)
  • My average email click rates are 6.58%. The industry average is 2.69% (2019, Campaign Monitor)
  • Between 2018 and 2019 I grew my blog traffic by 241.20% (from 183,115 pageviews to 624,796 pageviews) using content marketing strategies and publishing high-quality content
  • I've been successful in ranking content for competitive search terms in the featured snippet and first position on Google
  • My own websites drive over 1 million pageviews annually (organically)

Detailed Accomplishments

Thought Leadership: B2B SaaS

1. The biggest challenge with writing this piece for Tailwind was trying to educate their readers on a topic they had been misinformed about for years. Social media gurus have been telling bloggers and business owners to put their Pinterest descriptions in place of an image’s alt text. I wanted this article to educate readers on alt text as well as teach them the proper place to put an image’s Pinterest description.

I showed two different methods, one being a method that relied on code. I knew that a majority of Tailwind’s audience isn’t comfortable with code, so I made sure to explain it as simple as possible. I also provided a solution that didn’t require any code.

Overall, the article was a great piece to position Tailwind as a thought-leader and generated lots of discussion on and off their website.

Highly Shared: B2B Social Media

2. According to BuzzSumo and Social Media Examiner’s (SME) social share stats, this article that I wrote was one of SME’s most shared articles in 2019.

Knowing that Instagram marketing is an incredibly popular topic, I decided to write a piece that was full of tips and strategies to help business owners improve their photography for their Instagram accounts.

Lead Generation: B2B SaaS

3. I wrote this article on behalf of Tailwind to showcase their new hashtag finder for Instagram. I showed the audience just how simple it was to find hashtags using Tailwind’s technology, and used real-life examples to show how the right set of hashtags could increase reach and engagement.

Through this article, 400 qualified leads have been generated for Tailwind. This article relies 100% on organic marketing and is consistently driving leads and signups back to Tailwind.

Complete Guide: B2B SaaS

4. I wrote this complete guide to Instagram Stories to introduce ConvertKit's readers to the many ways they can use Instagram Stories to grow their business. Throughout the article, there are relevant examples to illustrate various Instagram Story features.

This article walks the readers from start to finish so they know exactly how to use Instagram Stories to build their brand.

What Makes a Great Piece of Content

A great piece of content is one that answers all of the readers' questions and then some (with no fluff).

As a B2B SaaS copywriter, my goal is to keep your readers on your website for as long as possible. This is done through informative long-form and well-researched articles that are written with a high level of readability (so they are inclusive for all your readers) and provide solutions for your readers' pain-points.

B2B SaaS copywriting can often be complex; I like to take those complex topics and break them down into digestible pieces of content. No fancy jargon here. Just easy-to-understand articles that convert.


Dana is one of the strongest Market Researchers I have worked with. She was a key member of our team at TransAlta that organized a Customer Segmentation & Analysis effort on the Commercial & Industrial Power segment.

She is extremely organized and produces great work.

Her primary and secondary research skills are excellent, as is her ability to draw meaningful conclusions from large amounts of data.

Dana's research on segmentation methodology was comprehensive and well thought out. It supported our decision on the type of segmentation we would conduct. In addition to the market research, Dana can also do the hard analysis required. Her work led to a concise and well-documented report for Management. I was very impressed with Dana's level of commitment and her work ethic. She is an outstanding addition to any team.

-Nevine Booth, TransAlta

Dana did an exceptional job of writing an in-depth review of a popular marketing platform. She did a considerable amount of research and the end product was exactly what I was hoping for. I'll definitely be working with her again soon.

-Brendan Brown, Expert Editor

Dana was a pleasure to work with on AAISA's project. She is assertive, professional, and a clear communicator, which was especially important and appreciated for her telecommute/remote role.

Her quality of work and speedy responses made her the go-to Content Coordinator in my mind, and I would certainly take any opportunity to work with her again. Thank you, Dana!

-Kali Readwin, AAISA