30 Instagram Props to Take Your Photos to The Next Level

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What makes you “like” a photo on Instagram? If you’re like me, there’s probably a few reasons, but one of the main reasons is that it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at—I’m a sucker for a good photo…

But for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how to make my own photos *pop*. I’d try different angles, use different composition techniques, but they always seemed to fall flat…

Until it hit me: I needed cute (but cheap) Instagram props to take my photos from bleh to beautiful and get that aesthetic Instagram feed I wanted. I’m talking marbled contact paper, fuzzy fabric and fake flowers.

After finding my favorite Instagram props, I decided to write this post to help you develop your own inventory of items for gorgeous photos. Once you’re able to level-up your Instagram photos, it’ll be easier to grow your Instagram and attract your ideal follower.

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1. Fake Flowers

Fresh flowers add a beautiful touch but they can be expensive. My favorite Instagram photo styling prop by far is fake flowers, fake succulents and fake greenery.

Here are a couple of affordable and versatile options to consider:

For a low price, you can have flowers that will last you (and that you don’t need to worry about killing #blackthumb).

The Instagram Prop in Action:

A Round microphone in front of a laptop

See that succulent over on the left-hand side of the photo? Well, it’s 100% fake and makes a great addition to the photo by giving it a little something extra in the background.

It’s a vertsatile photo styling prop that you’ll never get sick of.

2. Wallpaper & Poster Paper

Wallpaper is my top choice for Instagram background props. When I first started out, I bought some marble wallpaper for flatlays–a photo shot from above–however, you can get any type of wallpaper or poster-board that fits your brand!

You can also use your floor if you have nice floors, but for those who want something simple and uniform, paper works great.

The Instagram Prop in Action:

A flatlay with a notebook, a watch and some accessories around it.
Here is a flatlay with some pretty items arranged strategically.

Wallpaper works great to use as a base for your flat lays. The photo above uses white posterboard, but I could have easily swapped in some marble wallpaper to make it look like it was taken on a marble top, and give the photo an elegant feel.

3. Books and Magazines

Books are a favorite of mine because they add lots of depth and different dimensions to photos. You can use them to stack, you can put other items on top or you can use them as props yourself (i.e. take a photo of you reading the book).

Books are a very versatile Instagram prop and you probably already have some laying around that you can use.

Opened books will add extra texture to your photos, and you can stack them to add additional height.

4. Candles

If you want cozy photos, this Instagram prop is a must. Candles, especially when lit, immediately give photos cozy vibes.

To keep your photos consistent, try and match the candle with the other items you’re staging. This candle variety pack comes with 12 different candles in six different colors.

The Instagram Prop in Action:

Candes beside a cup of tea

In the above photo, I have a candle that matches my color scheme, along with some fake flowers near the front of the photo that adds a bit more texture to the image!

5. Faux Sheepskin

Faux sheepskin is an Instagram worthy prop for many influencers, and in my opinion, super chic. It adds a nice texture to photos and can be used for flatlays, any photo that is taken from above or draped over your furniture!

The Instagram Prop in Action:

An instagram post of a candle on a white bed

6. Material + Burlap

Another easy way to add texture to your photos is through the use of fabric and different materials. Depending on what your brand is and what your Instagram looks like, different colors and texture of materials can add a nice touch to your imagery.

This burlap is the easiest way to add an extra element to your images. I also found these scarves that come in a variety of pretty pastel colors so you always have plenty of colors on hand!

7. Vintage-Looking Bottles

Perfume is expensive but you don’t actually need to buy the perfume to get the cool-looking bottle. Head over to your local antique or thrift store and see if you can find some nice bottles!

If not, these antique-bottles are a great addition to your photo styling prop collection.


The Instagram Prop in Action:

4 perfume bottles laying on furry carpet

While these are brand-name bottles, yours definitely don’t have to be (seriously–don’t spend $500 on bottles!). And look! Our faux sheepskin also makes a debut in this photo (see, these props are very versatile).

8. Chalkboard

I love using chalkboards as props because you can easily change the message on the chalkboard, use different color chalk, or use it as a black background for other photos.

It’s truly a versatile prop! This chalkboard is on the smaller side but make sure you check the dimensions and get a size that’ll work best for you.

This Instagram Prop in Action:

9. Letter Board

Like the faux sheepskin throw, letter boards are another influencer staple over on Instagram. If drawing with chalk is challenging, a letter board is the solution.

Letter boards come in different colors (this one is plain black), but you can also find grey, pink, white, blue, or any other color to match your brand.

This Instagram Prop in Action:

10. Fairy lights

If you ask me, fairy lights instantly improve everything. Their subtle sparkle will elevate your imagery. These fairy lights come in a variety of different colors so you can stay on-brand.

This Instagram Prop in Action:

11. Geometric Containers

Geometric containers (like this gold one) are elegant and beautiful. You can have succulents popping out, vine-like plants overflowing down the sides or just keep them empty.

Even More Instagram Prop Ideas

Here are some more prop ideas (some of this stuff you might already have laying around!):

  1. Earrings
  2. Rings
  3. Bracelets
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Fuzzy socks
  6. Mirrors
  7. Starbucks cups (just ask Starbucks for an additional cup and save it for prop use)
  8. Ribbon and bows
  9. Wrapping paper
  10. Nail polish
  11. Pillows
  12. Blankets
  13. Laptops, tablets and phones
  14. Champagne or wine bottles
  15. Gemstones
  16. Candy
  17. Cute coffee mugs
  18. Garland
  19. Other plants (pine needles, pine cones, leaves, etc.)

Coming up with new Instagram post ideas is a lot easier when you have the right Instagram props! Not only will your photos be snazzier, you’ll also be able to grow your brand on Instagram. The above props are versatile, reusable and easy for beginners to use!

What’s your go-to Instagram prop? Drop it in the comments below!

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