The Best Reposting Apps for Instagram (iPhone and Android)

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Want a way to repost for Instagram? There are many different third-party repost apps for Instagram to help you re-gram photos and videos. Today we’re talking about the best apps to repost on Instagram that can be used on Andriod and iOS phones as well as your laptop!

How to Repost for Instagram

Certain apps to repost on Instagram have been created that will allow you to easily regram content to your own account.

As long as you download a repost app for Instagram to your iOS or Andriod device, you’ll be able to regram as much as you’d like.

Best Reposting Apps for Instagram

There are a few things you need to look out for. The best Instagram reposting apps:

  • repost photos without watermarks (you usually don’t want it to add a watermark)
  • give credit to the original owner
  • allow you to regram quickly and effortlessly
  • are easy to use

Here are a couple of my favorite Android and iOS repost apps to use!

1. Tailwind [Desktop, iOS, Andriod]

Screenshot of Tailwind's landing page with two buttons that say to sign up with Instagram or Sign up with Pinterest.

Tailwind is an online computer program that is much more advanced than the other Instagram repost apps listed here (which is why it’s one of the best).

Some notable features of Tailwind include:

  • detailed analytics to help you grow your Instagram account
  • hashtag research with Tailwind’s robust hashtag finder
  • scheduler to plan and schedule your Instagram content
  • there’s a forever free account so you don’t need to pay a dime to use Tailwind

and so much more.

Consider Tailwind as your digital marketing assistant, rather than just a repost app.

With Tailwind, you can expect a very intuitive interface that will help you plan, manage, schedule content (videos and photos) and grow your Instagram account. Sign up for your free account here and give it a try.

To repost Instagram posts online from Tailwind, you will need to do so from your computer. You will also only be able to regram single pictures rather than videos and multiple images.

2. Repost: For Instagram [iOS, Android]

Repost for Instagram app logo

This one is the best repost app for Instagram without a watermark (for free).

The free version allows you to repost images (single or multiple) quickly and allows you to copy the caption along with the original account’s username so you can give proper attribution.

You can either choose to watermark the image or not, depending on what you prefer. Many other free repost apps require you to pay to remove the watermark on the image.

The fact that this app allows you to repost without the watermark in the free version is what makes it one of my favorite repost apps for iOS and Android.

The one thing I don’t like about this app is that it credits itself in the copied caption, which you will need to delete each time, however, considering the app is free, it’s a small price to pay for being able to repost photos to Instagram seamlessly.

3. Repost for Instagram [Android]

Repost for Instagram app logo

Repost for Instagram is a free app that is currently only available for Android users. While I have an iPhone, I was able to get this app before it was discontinued. I enjoy how easy this app makes it to repost content to Instagram. It also copies the caption and includes photo attribution so you never forget to give proper credit.

This app is free, but the free version will include a watermark over the reposted photos. If you’d like to remove the watermark, you will need to upgrade to the pro version which is $4.99.

Unlike the app mentioned above, this repost app for Instagram doesn’t allow you to repost posts with multiple images; it will only repost the first image.

4. Video Downloader for Instagram [iOS, Android]

Video downloader Instagram app logo

So far, the reposting apps I have mentioned do not allow you to regram/repost videos to Instagram, only photos. But there’s a repost app for Instagram that allows you to regram any video you’d like! As with images, you will need to give proper credit when you regram videos.

5. Repost for Instagram: Regrann [Andriod]

Repost Instagram app logo

Another great reposting app for Instagram is Regrann, although it’s only available for Android users. Like the others mentioned, Regrann is easy to use, uses a simple copy and paste method for copying the copy and attribution and regrams photos and videos. You can also set a signature that appears in every image that you regram.

Setting a signature is very helpful if you have a specific set of hashtags that you always use, so you don’t need to copy and paste them manually with each post.

Regrann also gives you the ability to schedule your content if you purchase the pro app.

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Benefits of Reposting on Instagram

Sharing content on other social media platforms is easy. On Twitter, you retweet. On Facebook, you share. But if you want to re-share content on your Instagram feed, there currently is no easy option.

Grow your following

Reposting photos on Instagram is a form of user-generated content and is an incredible way to grow your following.

Many Instagram users want to have their content reposted by accounts as it gives them more exposure and can help grow their accounts as well.

Build your brand

On the flip side, some business accounts make use of branded hashtags and ask their audience to tag them in photos, so they can quickly find their images to regram and repost to their brand accounts.

If you have a branded hashtag, ask followers to use it when they post about your business!

Then, use a regram app to share your followers’ content with your audience on Instagram.

Helps you post more content

Hootsuite recommends posting 2-3 times per week on Instagram. Over the year, that’s over 100 pieces of content.

To help you create more content in less time, regram using one of the repost apps above!

Finding the Best Instagram Repost App for Yourself

If you want to share someone else’s content to your Instagram feed, you’ll need to get an app. When trying to find the best repost app to use for your Instagram, there are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you want to pay?
  • Do you want the ability to remove watermarks?
  • Do you need to post multiple pictures?
  • Do you need the ability to repost videos?
  • Do you want your app to be able to schedule and find hashtags for your content?

Answering the above questions will help you narrow down your search for the perfect Instagram repost app!

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  1. Do you want to pay? No, but If I have to which one do you recommend for Iphone?
    Do you want the ability to remove watermarks? YES! lol
    Do you need to post multiple pictures? Yep!
    Do you need the ability to repost videos? Ohh Yes, and from TikTok without their walmark!
    Do you want your app to be able to schedule and find hashtags for your content? Ohhh yesszz!
    That would be a blsssing!

  2. Does Tailwind for Instagram removes the watermark from Tiktok?

    • Hi Jasmine! So the watermark I’m referring to in this article isn’t social media watermarks. Sometimes, certain repost apps will add their own watermarks to your content. However, it’s really hard to remove the TikTok watermark once it’s on your videos. Tailwind won’t do that, but they also won’t add any additional water marks to your content (which is what this article is talking about).

      However, what I recommend doing is screen recording your video before you upload it to TikTok so you get the video without the watermark to upload on other platforms. You can also search for “download TikTok videos without watermark” to see if there’s any other suggestions floating around!

  3. Awesome post Dana! I was looking for a permanent repost app for my job. I will download all of the above to evaluate. The repost app I have been using is great but, perhaps one of the above have features I may have missed out on.

    • Oooh this is great! Thank you for sharing this with us, Mia!

  4. Hello and thank you for this information. I downloaded Repost on my android phone and followed your instructions. Everything worded fine except it did not post or give me an option to post multiple pictures from the repost. Did I miss something?

    • Hey Jim,
      Sorry to hear you’re having issues! I’d contact their support ([email protected]) to see what the problem could be. I checked to see if they no longer allow reposting multiple photos, but they still do, so I’m unsure why you’d be having troubles.

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