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This post is sponsored by Newor Media. All opinions are my own.

As a blogger, monetizing your blog is necessary if you want to pursue blogging full-time. One of my favorite monetization methods is through ads because they offer a passive approach to earning an income through your blog.

There are many different ad networks to choose from, but I wanted to review one, in particular today: Newor Media.

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a programmatic ad management company that uses header bidding to auction ad units. 

Here’s how header bidding works in simple terms (as explained by Newor Media).

Picture your ad space being an auction house. Every time a visitor lands on your site, companies are bidding to secure that ad space to show to that particular visitor. Newor Media has partnerships with all major ad networks and SSPs to ensure your ads are auctioned off to as many people as possible.

As more people bid on your ad space, your CPM (cost per mille or thousand) increases.

That basically means the ads on your site go to the highest bidder, ensuring you can maximize your profits—which is essential for us bloggers.

Before header bidding, ad space went to the first person willing to pay for it (even if someone else was willing to pay ten times more). Header bidding ensures you get the highest CPM and make the most money from your ads!

Aside from increased revenue, header bidding minimizes Javascript and improves site speed, which is something you need to consider if you want your website to rank on Google since page speed is a ranking factor.

My honest Newor Media review

Just over a month ago, I got the opportunity to put ads from Newor Media on one of my websites to see how it worked. Here are my thoughts!

Note: Due to privacy reasons, I won’t be disclosing the URL of this site, but I will talk about the exact dollar amount I’ve earned, my CPM, and other key stats you’ll find helpful!

What I love

Minimal ads and full-control where they go in your content

Too many ads can decrease user experience and leave your readers unhappy. Even worse? They’ll click away and go to your competition.

With Newor, you get five ad units to add to your site: one sidebar ad, one adhesion ad, and three ads in your content. You don’t need to have all five, but they require you to have at least two.

Newor Media lets you choose where you want to put your in-content ads, so I decided to put the three in-content ads near the top of my blog posts to maximize impressions—and my earnings—like this:

And with fewer ads throughout my content (compared to other ad management platforms), my website loads blazing fast.

I also continued making the same amount of money through my affiliate links as I did before placing ads up, so I was confident that the ads weren’t contributing to a poor user experience or hurting my affiliate sales.

Great support

Setting up the ads was super easy with Newor Media’s support team. They directed me through the whole process and offered to jump in and help if there was ever anything I couldn’t do myself.

When something went wrong with one of my website’s plugins and the ads, they jumped in right away to fix it.

30-day payments

Newor Media pays publishers 30 days after. Lots of other ad management companies pay on a net90 day basis. I love how fast you get your payments from Newor Media! 

What I’d like to see improved

Customizable analytic reports

I really love digging into numbers, and while Newor’s dashboard is helpful, I’d like some more options to build custom reports. For example, it would be useful to see what pages bring in the most revenue!

Ability to add more ads

While I love that you don’t need to have a ton of ads on your website to make money with Newor Media, I also wish I had the option to add a few more to experiment.

How much money have I made with Newor Media?

As with any ad publisher, the first few weeks are going to be your lowest. That’s because advertisers are still getting to know your website and don’t bid super high just yet. It’s fairly common, so keep that in mind as I go through my numbers (this is still only my second month!).

During my first day with Newor my eCPM was $1.58. Over the next couple of weeks, my eCMP hovered around $2.

In the photo below, the eCPM is the purple line. You can see how over the past two months, it’s been trending upward. The highest eCPM I had was $6.79, and for June, my average eCPM has been $4.32.

During my first full month with Newor Media, my website earned $232.19. I’m already on track to surpass that for June. 

Let’s put a little context to those numbers, shall we?

Let’s pretend you wanted to sell your site. Usually, websites are valued anywhere from 20x-50x their monthly profit, with most selling around a 25 multiple. 

Earning just $230/month increases your website’s valuation by over $5,750 ($230 x 25).

For me, that extra bit of money pays for my costs to run the site, and it hasn’t taken away from my affiliate earnings. It’s also given my site’s valuation a nice little boost. I don’t have plans to sell, but if I do, I can now ask nearly $6,000 more than I would’ve been able to a month ago. To me, that’s pretty awesome.

Getting started with Newor Media

Thinking of adding Newor Media to your blog? I highly recommend it! 

Newor Media requires publishers to have a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors per month. If you meet that threshold, sign up here! Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if you’ve been approved.

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