How to add Multiple Pictures on an Instagram Story

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Instagram now allows users to add multiple pictures to one Instagram story!

But this feature seems to only be available for a select few.

The “image select” stick, can usually be found where you find other Instagram Story features, such as music, polls and DM requests.

Instagram story features screenshot
This is where you’d find the image sticker, which I don’t have

This is something I don’t have, and if you don’t have it either, you’re probably searching for an alternative way to add multiple pictures on your Instagram Story.

Fear not!

There is an easy way to complete the task, and today you’re going to learn how to add multiple pictures on an Instagram Story without needing to download any extra apps to your iPhone.

That’s right, you can do this right on your phone (even if your Instagram doesn’t offer you this capability quite yet).


Steps for adding multiple pictures on an Instagram Story

In three simple steps, you’ll know exactly how to make an Instagram story collage with your images.

1. Open Your Instagram Stories

To begin, head into your Instagram stories and upload the first image that you’d like to use.

You can “pinch” the image in order to scale it to the size you’d like to use.

Instagram story screenshot
Size and position your initial photo to your liking

2. “Copy” The Second Picture

Now, go into your image roll on your phone and find the photo you’d like to add next to your Stories.

Tap on the rectangle with the arrow in the bottom left hand corner to bring up the menu options.

Screenshot of your camera roll on iPhone
Click on the icon in the bottom left to bring up your options

From there, click on “Copy” and go back into your Instagram Story.

Screenshot of the camera roll on an iPhone
Clicking “copy” will copy your photo

3. Click “Add Sticker” or “Paste”

When you go back into your Instagram Story, a button might automatically pop up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen that says “Add Sticker”.

Instagram Stories screenshot with a button that says "Add Sticker"
Add your photo via the “Add Sticker” button that automatically pops up

If this happens, simply click on it and your new photo will be added in.

However, this button doesn’t always pop up. If that doesn’t happen, no worries! You can still add multiple pictures on your Instagram Stories without it.

All you need to go is click on the text tool, tap and click “paste”.

Screenshot of using the text on Instagram Stories
If no “Add Sticker” button shows, paste your image in via the text tool

You’ve successfully added multiple photos to one Instagram Story!

Complete this as many time as you’d like to add even more images.

Instagram story screenshot of two photos, making a collage
A simple example of my Instagram Story collage

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch how to add multiple pictures on an Instagram Story via a video, check out my TikTok below.

Ideas for using Multiple Pictures on Your Instagram Stories

Adding multiple pictures to your Instagram Story will allow you to make an “Instagram story collage”.

With the ability to add multiple pictures on an Instagram Story, you’ll be able to share content in different ways without needing to use any third-party apps.

Content creation is much more seamless with this added ability!

Here are a few Instagram story collage ideas to get you started:

  • create a collage of products currently on sale
  • create a collage with products, testimonials and customer photos
  • feature a list of your favorite products, with photos of each one
  • create a “top 3” of your favorite things. For example, “Top 3 favorite vegan dishes”.
  • Show a step-by-step process


With the ability for you as a creator to add multiple pictures on your Instagram Story, you’ll be able to make interesting and appealing content faster without needing to use any additional software or third-party apps.

Luckily, you don’t need to have the Instagram “image select” sticker to get the job done and by using the above steps, you can easily create Instagram Story collages right on your phone.

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