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    Last updated on March 26th, 2021

    This list of blog post ideas is ideal for any type of blogger. Whether you are looking for lifestyle ideas, business ideas or something fun, these ideas will be able to help you out!

    Lifestyle blogging is a flexible niche where bloggers can write on many different topics! But having endless choices isn’t always easy—sometimes that makes it harder to figure out what to blog about.

    Today, I’m sharing with you 300 lifestyle blog post ideas, so you never run out of ideas. Seriously—if you write one blog post per week, this list will take you almost six years to get through!

    What is a lifestyle blog?

    Many people think a lifestyle blog is the same thing as a personal blog, but it’s not. A personal blog is a blog where the writer doesn’t plan to monetize. They want to write and share their thoughts, but it’s not something they plan to turn into a job. A lifestyle blog, however, can be monetized and covers all topics relating to the writer’s life. And even though lifestyle blogs are broad, they are still highly profitable.

    Take the lifestyle blog created by Heather and Pete Reese. Their lifestyle blog reportedly made an impressive $222,875 in August of 2019!

    The lifestyle blog niche offers lots of room to talk about different topics, so let’s dive into some lifestyle blog post ideas!

    300+ lifestyle blog post ideas

    To make your search for lifestyle blog post ideas easier, I’ve divided these blog post ideas up into different categories! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back. Whether you’re a beginner blogger in need of some ideas or you’re simply feeling overwhelmed with blogging, use these ideas to help you write consistently.

    This list covers a lot, so you can apply these lifestyle blog post ideas to many niches, even if you don’t consider yourself a lifestyle blogger. And it’s worth mentioning that you can reframe these blog post ideas however you wish (for example, if I’ve given you an idea to write about the “10 foods that improve your skin” you can change it to “15 fruits that improve your skin“). I want this list of blog posts to give you tons of inspiration and ideas!

    1. Beauty blog post ideas

    Many lifestyle blogs I come across have a beauty section. It makes sense because the beauty industry is growing year over year. Here are 30 different blog post ideas if you want to write about beauty, makeup, or skincare.

    1. How to deal with dry skin
    2. How to fix dry hair
    3. 5 essential skincare products for [age] (i.e., over 30, under 25, etc.)
    4. The only 5 makeup brushes you’ll ever need
    5. Beauty Blender versus brushes: which is better?
    6. Superfoods that improve your skin
    7. DIY acne spot treatments
    8. The best beauty dupes under $10
    9. 10 uses for coconut oil
    10. Morning skincare routine
    11. Evening skincare routine
    12. Best ways to use vaseline
    13. Best obscure beauty products
    14. Tips to make your hair look thicker
    15. All-natural DIY skincare
    16. 10 foods that help improve skin
    17. “No makeup” makeup look
    18. 25 different makeup brushes and how to use them
    19. Skincare hacks that are more harmful than good
    20. The best sunscreens
    21. Products to help you lengthen your lashes
    22. DIY face masks
    23. How to use a dermaplane
    24. Testing the top-rated beauty products on Amazon (+ your opinion on them)
    25. How to do a face massage
    26. Overnight skincare tips
    27. Benefits of a silk pillowcase
    28. Beauty uses for apple cider vinegar
    29. Why rice water is all the rage right now
    30. Benefits of vitamin C for your skin

    2. Home blog post ideas

    I love the home niche because it’s so versatile. You can write blog posts about different color schemes for various rooms or make some DIY projects that your audience can follow along with.

    1. 10 home decor pieces to avoid
    2. Cleaning hacks for a sparkling home
    3. 10 of the best items to buy at [Store] (i.e., IKEA)
    4. Unique ways to make your bed
    5. Ideas for a small bedroom
    6. Minimalist home decor
    7. My favorite bedroom decor trends (substitute with any room you’d like)
    8. Easy wall decorations you can make
    9. The best Amazon finds under $100
    10. Indoor plants that are easy to take care of
    11. Easy ways to stop using plastic in your home and reduce waste
    12. 5 color schemes for your kitchen
    13. 10 things every home office needs
    14. Easy DIY decor ideas to give your home a refresh
    15. Organization hacks for small spaces
    16. Tips for saving energy and power at home
    17. Recipe roundups (10 of my favorite healthy recipes, 10 of my favorite snack food recipes, quick recipes, etc.)
    18. Products to create a smart home
    19. Home safety devices for people who live alone
    20. What first-time homebuyers need to know
    21. Essential equipment for a home gym
    22. How to workout at home with minimal equipment
    23. How to keep your washing machine clean from mold and mildew
    24. Green cleaning hacks
    25. 10 unique uses for command hooks
    26. The best decor from the dollar store
    27. How to organize your kitchen cabinets
    28. 5 common home decor mistakes (and how to avoid them)
    29. How to get rid of things you don’t need (and what to do with them)
    30. 5 of my favorite cocktails or mocktails

    3. Travel blog post ideas

    Don’t skip over this section if you don’t have any trips planned. I think a lot of bloggers think they can’t be a travel blogger unless they are able to travel. While you can’t travel to lots of places, you can definitely still work in the tourism niche if you live in a big city. I’ve been offered hotel partnerships for hotels in my own city so I can write and promote them to people who are looking to visit my city. So, if you aren’t much of a traveler but still enjoy the tourism sector, take the below blog post ideas and try to apply them to your own city.

    1. How to save money while traveling
    2. Travel must-haves when traveling with kids
    3. Cheapest countries to visit in Europe
    4. Countries to travel to on a budget
    5. Best places to visit in the USA
    6. How to have a road trip across the USA
    7. Dog-friendly places in [city]
    8. How to pack light
    9. How to pack using the army roll method
    10. 10 things you need to see in [city]
    11. 5 destinations you need to put on your bucket list
    12. Best places to see the Northern Lights
    13. 20 affordable destinations
    14. Hidden gems in [city]
    15. Top travel accessories you can buy online
    16. Safety tips when traveling alone
    17. 20 natural wonders in [country]
    18. Essential items for your next road trip
    19. How to travel long term
    20. Pros and cons of van life
    21. The top 5 suitcases for your next adventure
    22. 10 trailer remodels you’ll fall in love with
    23. How to plan a camping trip with [kids, dogs, etc.]
    24. Meal ideas when camping
    25. Hiking for beginners
    26. How to pack a cooler for road trips
    27. Car camping hacks
    28. How to plan a staycation + why you’ll want to
    29. 15 effective workouts you can do while traveling with no gym
    30. Tips for travel photography, so you get the best pictures possible

    4. Family blog post ideas

    I believe a family is whatever you want it to be. A family is a single person and their friends. A family is someone with their pets. A family is a couple with children. A family is a couple with no children. Throughout this section, I’ll try to be mindful of the different types of families there are, but feel free to tweak each idea, so it fits your current situation (if possible)! For example, you can change a blog post about “how to camp with kids” to “how to camp with cats” 🐱

    1. Family photo ideas
    2. My favorite matching family pajamas
    3. Volunteering you can do with your whole family
    4. A-Z activity ideas for families (list new activities for each letter of the alphabet. For example, the letter “A” could be “arts and crafts”)
    5. Random holidays to celebrate with your family (use this list to find fun holidays, such as National Strawberry Ice-Cream Day, and write a post about how families can celebrate them for fun)
    6. Best [spring/summer/fall/winter] activities for your family
    7. 50 free activities to do with your kids
    8. How to make a memory book for your kids
    9. [Parent/child] day ideas (i.e., Dad/daughter day ideas)
    10. Family game night ideas
    11. 100 fun questions to ask your [family member]
    12. 10 ways to make chores enjoyable for young kids
    13. 50 family-friendly movies for family movie night
    14. How to put together a family movie night using things from the dollar store
    15. Easy art ideas for young kids
    16. Scavenger hunt lists
    17. Indoor camping ideas
    18. 20 fun activities you can do in your home/backyard
    19. Family Halloween costumes ideas
    20. 10 virtual tours for kids
    21. Healthy recipes for picky eaters
    22. Freezer meals for busy families
    23. Family-friendly activities in [city]
    24. Science experiments you can do at home with kids

    5. Pet blog post ideas

    67% of US households own a pet. You can reach a wide audience if you choose to write blog posts about pets! Here are some blog post ideas to get you started:

    1. 10 tips for new pet owners
    2. What I wish I knew before getting a [pet]
    3. New [pet] checklist
    4. My favorite pet products
    5. Foods your [pet] should never eat
    6. Healthy human foods your [pet] can eat
    7. DIY [pet] treat recipe
    8. How to groom your dog at home
    9. Indoor activities for dogs on rainy days
    10. Ways to tire your dog out that don’t include fetch or running
    11. How to clean your cats/dogs paws
    12. Different ways to stuff a Kong
    13. New [pet] checklist
    14. How to puppy-proof your house
    15. 15 ways to keep your dog busy
    16. DIY cat scratcher
    17. DIY dog bed
    18. First-aid kit for your pets
    19. How to teach your [pet] their name
    20. How to prepare for a new [pet]
    21. If you adopted your pet, write about the story of their adoption
    22. 5 signs your pet loves you
    23. 100 female/male [pet] names

    6. Money blog post ideas

    This section may not be for everybody. First, you should only be giving financial advice if you’re qualified to do so. Secondly, you might need to have firsthand experience to write some of these posts. But there are a few on this list that you may be able to write!

    1. Simple ways to save money
    2. 10 quick ways to make money online
    3. How to be smart with your money
    4. Things I stopped buying to save money
    5. How to live frugally to save money
    6. 30-day money saving challenge
    7. 10 things you might be wasting your money on
    8. 5 ways to make passive income
    9. How to start a side hustle
    10. Ways to save money on your groceries
    11. How to start investing your name (blog posts about investments should only come from professional investors. I threw this one in just in case that applies to you!)

    7. Self-care blog post ideas

    It’s no secret that people feel overwhelmed. Self-care is highly important and growing in popularity. Here are some self-care blog post ideas:

    1. Winter/spring/summer/fall self-care ideas
    2. Self-care for the [insert niche, i.e., busy mom, tired entrepreneur)
    3. How to create a relaxing morning routine
    4. 10 ways to create a fitness routine that works for you
    5. Write about what self-care means to you
    6. 30-day self-care challenge
    7. Self-care for introverts/extroverts
    8. 10-morning habits for a great day
    9. 10 evening habits for a great sleep
    10. Self-care Sunday ideas
    11. 20 questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself better
    12. 10 affirmations for confidence
    13. 50 journal prompts to help you journal
    14. How to start journaling
    15. 10 Benefits of journaling
    16. How to take better care of yourself
    17. Things people do that they don’t realize hurts their self-esteem
    18. How to turn a bad day into a good day
    19. Foods proven to boost your mood
    20. How to learn to say “no”
    21. How to practice self-care in only 5 minutes per day
    22. How to perform a “self-care check-in” with yourself
    23. How to start meditating
    24. Benefits of meditation
    25. How to recognize and prevent burnout
    26. How to build your self-confidence
    27. How to plan a relaxing “spa day” at home

    8. Blogging blog post ideas

    Your audience is probably highly interested in how you started your lifestyle blog, and many of them likely want to start their own but don’t know how! Blog posts about blogging can give your audience a unique look into what your day-to-day life looks like as a blogger (whether you’re full-time or part-time).

    1. How to start a blog
    2. Ways to make money online with a lifestyle blog
    3. 10 blog ideas for new bloggers
    4. 10 habits of successful bloggers
    5. 10 tips for new bloggers
    6. 5 quick ways to grow your blog
    7. 5 blogging tools all bloggers need
    8. How to overcome writer’s block
    9. The best parts about blogging
    10. The worst parts about blogging
    11. 10 bloggers who make a living through their blogs
    12. A list of blog post ideas (just like this!)
    13. My 10 favorite lifestyle bloggers
    14. Social media platforms to promote your blog
    15. How to write a blog post
    16. 5 reasons you should start a blog (and 5 you shouldn’t)
    17. How to deal with negative blog comments
    18. Blogging tools I couldn’t blog without
    19. Different types of blog niches
    20. How to figure out what you should blog about
    21. How blogging has changed over the years
    22. Write about the biggest mistakes you made from starting your blog and what you’d do differently if you had to start your blog all over again
    23. How to find a blog name
    24. A review of your blogging website host
    25. Common misconceptions people have about bloggers
    26. Write about your blogging process and how long it takes you to write a blog post
    27. Write whether you think blogging will go away in the future or stay
    28. Do a blog takeover with a blogging friend where you each write a blog post for each other
    29. Top blogging Facebook groups to join to meet new bloggers
    30. Host a virtual blogger meetup and write about it

    9. “Favorites” blog post ideas

    Share your favorite things! “Favorite” blog posts allow your audience to get to know you better. Plus, they want to hear your recommendations.

    1. My favorite books
    2. My favorite low-cost meals
    3. My favorite hikes
    4. My favorite inspirational quotes
    5. My favorite bloggers/podcasters/YouTube channels
    6. My favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows
    7. My favorite blogging tools
    8. My favorite trips
    9. My favorite breakfasts/lunches/dinners
    10. My favorite baby names
    11. My favorite color palettes
    12. My favorite indoor plants
    13. My favorite outdoor plants
    14. My favorite online small businesses
    15. My favorite desserts
    16. My favorite ways to de-stress
    17. My favorite ways to practice self-care
    18. My favorite books
    19. My favorite movies
    20. My favorite things to do on a rainy day
    21. My favorite crafts and DIYs
    22. My favorite workout routines
    23. My favorite travel hacks
    24. My favorite beauty products
    25. My favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday
    26. My favorite ways to decorate for [holiday]
    27. My favorite ways to beat boredom
    28. My favorite ways to stay organized
    29. My favorite season and why
    30. My favorite way to wind down after a long day

    10. Personal blog post ideas

    Just like the “favorite” blog post ideas above, personal blog posts also let your audience get to know you better. People love learning about the bloggers they follow.

    1. My morning routine
    2. A day in the life of [your name]
    3. My bucket list
    4. My best friend takes over my blog
    5. Fun facts about you
    6. Interview a family member who has an interesting story to tell
    7. Write about an experience you had growing up
    8. Write about what you originally wanted to be when you grew up
    9. Write about your pet peeves
    10. Create a post written from the point of view of your pet
    11. Talk about your favorite places to go in your town or city
    12. Review the top shows on Netflix (bonus: you get to spend time “researching” aka binging on Netflix)
    13. Talk about your biggest mistakes and how you learned from them
    14. Describe your favorite meal to cook and give your reader’s the recipe
    15. Talk about a recent failure of yours and how you grew from it
    16. Describe your favorite place to go on vacation
    17. Talk about how you meal prep for the week
    18. Write down your favorite ways to stay motivated for the gym
    19. Review the books currently on Amazon’s bestseller list (you can find that list here)
    20. Tasty soup recipes using in-season vegetables

    11. Holiday blog post ideas

    There are many different holidays around the world. I’ve included four popular holidays from my side of the world but feel free to tweak these holidays, so they match the ones you and your audience celebrates.


    1. Pumpkin-carving alternatives tutorial (i.e., painting pumpkins)
    2. 10 best carved-pumpkins roundup
    3. Ask your readers to submit their Halloween costumes and feature your favorites
    4. 20 [funny/cute] couple’s Halloween costumes
    5. 20 different costumes for your pet
    6. Write what you think is going to be the most popular costume of the year
    7. Write about your past Halloween costumes that you wore when you were younger and whether or not you’d wear them again
    8. 10 unique Halloween costumes you can make using things you probably already have at home
    9. Round-up of the best Halloween recipes you’ve come across (bonus: you get to make all the recipes and test them out for your readers!)

    Christmas/Winter Season

    1. Talk about different holiday traditions around the world
    2. My family’s holiday traditions
    3. Create your own Starbuck’s holiday drink (bonus: actually make the drink and try to come up with a recipe you think your readers will love)
    4. Find a more efficient way to wrap presents and share them with your readers
    5. 10 money-saving tips for the holidays
    6. Set up a Christmas-themed tablescape and share your creation process
    7. DIY ornaments tutorial
    8. My favorite holiday memory from growing up
    9. Volunteer and give back over the holidays and write about your experience; encourage your readers to do something similar
    10. Write a gift-guide (i.e., gift guide for dog lovers)

    New Years

    1. How to have the ultimate New Year’s staying in
    2. Here’s the story of the worst New Year’s I’ve ever had
    3. I [do/don’t] believe in New Year’s resolutions: here’s why
    4. Discuss whether or not you stayed on track with your resolutions from last year
    5. My resolutions for this year
    6. Take a guess at what the biggest trends of the upcoming year are going to be
    7. 10 things I loved about this past year and 10 things I’m ready to leave behind
    8. Discuss what areas of your life you saw the biggest growth in the past year


    1. Date ideas for new couples
    2. Date ideas for long-term relationships
    3. Date ideas for newlyweds
    4. Galentine’s Day (i.e., a day just for you and your best girlfriends)
    5. Gift guide for him
    6. Gift guide for her
    7. Write about the best date you’ve ever been on
    8. Write about the worst date you’ve ever been on
    9. Valentine’s night-in ideas
    10. Round-up of the best desserts to make for Valentine’s Day
    11. Create a list of cocktails and mocktails
    12. Valentine’s day decor ideas
    13. Children’s DIY for Valentine’s day

    12. Random blog post ideas

    1. Play “20 questions” and pick 20 of these questions to write about on your blog
    2. Write about why you started your blog in the first place
    3. Interview your blogging idol – send them a list of a few questions and showcase their answers to your audience
    4. Review your favorite and least favorite products that you use daily (i.e., makeup, cleaning products)
    5. Showcase various outfits for different occasions:
      • first date
      • business casual
      • business formal
      • girl’s night out
      • lazy Sunday
    6. Take one thing out of your life for a month and discuss the experience with your readers (i.e., no cell phone for a month, no T.V. for a month)
    7. Show how you can style different pieces of clothing (i.e., 10 different ways to wear a scarf)
    8. Hold a photography challenge with various themes and post your photos each day to your blog
    9. Try and limit your waste/garbage for one week and talk to your readers about your experience

    Choosing the right lifestyle blog post ideas

    There’s no right or wrong blog post when it comes to the lifestyle niche. I love the lifestyle niche because it’s so versatile. Like I’ve mentioned, feel free to tailor these blog post ideas to suit your blog. They should serve as an inspiration and don’t need to be taken literally!

    Pro tip: if you want to monetize your content and make money blogging, you’ll want to optimize your blog posts for search engines through SEO. You can sign up for my FREE SEO Workshop to learn how! Enter your email below for instant access:

    I hope these ideas hope you write your next blog post.

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