The 5 second rule doesn't just apply to that cookie you dropped on the floor...

You also have 5 seconds to impress a new visitor with your logo and website.

Want to make sure they stick around? Keep readin'.

Logo & Web Design:

If you want to carve out your own little spot on the internet that feels more like a home to your audience than just another website, we can do that by creating a unique and luxurious-looking website and/or logo that suits your style and your brand.

I've worked with many creative professionals including bloggers, wedding planners, interior designers and more! We will make the perfect partnership if:

  • You like clean, sleek and feminine designs
  • You are tired of patching together your website and are ready to upgrade
  • You have professional photos, amazing copy and now you need a home for it all (aka a new website)

If this sounds like you, take a peek at the various services I offer below!

"I’ve gotten 5-6 compliments in the last week alone, from potential clients calling me for work, saying how my website is what sold them on me. I have to say that was by far the best investment I’ve made with my company thus far. So thank you again for doing such an AMAZING job! I can’t tell you how grateful I am."

-Heather, Wild Rose Organizing

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"I’ve gained at least 20 new clients from web traffic alone!"

Before working with Dana, I was very unhappy with my old website as it looked and felt very unprofessional and thrown together. It took forever to load and was not the look/feel I wanted to convey to my target market at all. I was desperate for change and a new refreshing website. I wanted a fresh, clean, and professional website that just screamed "Welcome! I'm here for you and this is how I can help". That is exactly what I got and more with Dana!

Working with Dana was fun, seamless, and so encouraging. Dana asked me tons of questions and really got to know me before designing the site. I absolutely feel like she nailed incorporating my personality and passion into the look and feel of the website. I can tell she loves what she does!

My website has by far been the best investment I've made to date. Because it is so professional looking, I have been able to gain at least 20 new clients from website traffic alone, and I consistently hear from clients that my new website is what convinced them to hire me/what set me apart from the competition!

-Heather, Wild Rose Organizing

"My only regret is not contacting her sooner!"

I reached out to Dana to give my website an actual design. I had been operating on a free WordPress theme and trying to handle all the design duties myself and it was time to stop pretending I knew what I was doing.
Having never worked with a web designer, I was unsure of how the process would work. Because I really didn't know what I wanted (design wise), I was a little nervous about actually getting something I liked and would be happy with. The only thing I knew was that I wanted my blog to represent me.
I was completely blown away with how Dana took a questionnaire and a handful of pictures and turned my blog into something that absolutely represents me. I told my husband, "it's like she knows me better than me." and he completely agreed.
Truthfully, I expected there to be a lot of back and forth and me saying no, I don't like that or please change that. There was none of that... only me picking my jaw up off the floor because I was astonished with what she came up with. Dana knocked it out of the park.
My expectations were beyond met and my only regret in this whole redesign process is that I didn't contact Dana sooner.
-Josie, Joys of Josie

"I would proudly recommend Dana to anyone!"

I needed a unique Logo that reflected my vision in a simple, but elegant way.  I was hoping to find someone that could grasp what I was after. Dana did just that. 

Elegant, professional, without taking hours and hours of my time. Dana did a great job empathizing with my concerns and guiding me through a process that created an admirable product while mitigating any fears about her sincerity. Dana grasped early on what I was looking for, in spite of my inability to explain it. In addition, she created a sense of trust that I greatly respect.

-Bob, Draco & Associates, LLC.

"In my head I had a vision and Dana made it happen!"

Prior to working with Dana, I was struggling to identify how my branding could encompass my business and who my ideal clients would be.

After working with Dana, my website increased it’s ranking in Google, my social media platforms gained a larger following and my new website and business materials have helped me run my business more smoothly and effectively! Six months later and I still get compliments on my site and business materials.

Everything exceeded my expectations!

-Zoe, Whitewood Events

"Dana takes the vision you have in your head and turns it into a beautiful reality!"

As a creative, I had a pretty clear vision on how I wanted my site and brand to look, but I don't have the web design experience to carry it out.

Dana helped create a logo based off my ideas and created an all encompassing brand based on that, which really helped give an image to my company.

The website she created was better than I could've imagined creating on my own. It is interactive and really beautiful which will help me attract my dream clients! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is thinking of hiring her!

-Celynn, Tied With A Bow Weddings

“The end result was amazing!”

Before reaching out to Dana I was nervous about how I was going to get my website done. I knew I needed something that would properly reflect my business but didn’t know where to go from there and was worried the process was going to be complicated.

But after speaking with Dana and giving her a general idea on how I wanted the site to look, she took my ideas, added in her own expertise and the end result was amazing.

I was able to explain my vision and Dana made it come to life.  Dana made the process so easy and was patient with the thousand questions I had. My site was built so that I was able to make changes on my own in the future and she made sure that I knew how to make those changes.

-Josh, North Star Jerseys

"She really took the ball and ran with it!"

Although Dana and I never met face-to-face, her detailed responses suggested to me that she was a person that takes the initiative.

Prior to having Dana design our new website, it wasn't mobile friendly so we were looking to create a site that was rich with information but also worked on mobile. Our new website has also led to an increase in new clients emailing us - which was my ultimate goal.

Overall, working with Dana was an excellent experience! She exceeded even my most optimistic expectations.

-Blain, Canadian Co-Parenting Centres

"3 words: qualified, reliable & confident"

Prior to having Dana do our design work, I felt like we weren’t up to date. We had no website, official logo, our outdoor sign desperately needed to be refreshed and we wanted electronic menu boards. We had no idea where to start.

Dana knew exactly where to start and how to bring our brand to life. Because of the clean and clear design of our menu boards from Dana, traffic moves quicker inside and our customers are able to understand what each menu item includes.

Dana made sure we showed up on page 1 of Google so that our customer's were able to find us, and from having our website up, we get less calls throughout the day inquiring about our menu as it's all online and can be found through Google.

Dana is qualified, reliable and confident in what she does!

-Management, Inglewood Drive In