Why Introverts Rock At Being Freelancers

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Are you an introverted freelancer? Did you know that introverts rock at being freelancers? Yes, they sure do.

Quote on a pink background that says: Introverts Unite: We are here, we are uncomfortable and we want to go home.

Introverts are often portrayed as someone who is scared away by socializing and socially inept, while the extrovert steals the show. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Introverts have excellent social skills but being around lots of people can be draining for the introvert.

Simply put, an introvert gets their energy from being alone, or by engaging in meaningful conversations. An extrovert on the other hand gets their energy by being around people.

I like to think of extroverts as energy leeches – sucking the energy right out of introverts for their own personal gain (I AM KIDDING! Although, it’s kind of true).

So how would an introvert-freelancer be able to succeed? Being an introvert can seem like it would be difficult when it comes to freelancing. Society has painted a picture of the ideal business owner being magnetic, charming and savvy. You definitely don’t picture someone who is reserved, quiet and gets tired from small talk.

Being an introvert has had it’s challenges for me career-wise. In heated boardroom meetings, where the extroverts are all trying to talk over each other, an introvert like myself can sometimes come across as disengaged or uninformed, just because I’m not standing up and trying to shout over top of everyone else.  I also once didn’t get a job because my “introvertism” came across as feeble and weak and was told I wouldn’t be able to handle the”tough nature” of the job.

Quiet and calculating, yes. But feeble and weak? Us introverts are the exact opposite of those characteristics.

So, my introverted freelancing friend, what does this mean? Well, I’ve got some great news because you don’t need to learn how to be the life of the party in order to be a successful introverted-freelancer. In fact, you don’t need to change a thing! Let’s talk about some of the ways in which introverts rock at being freelancers.

Introverts Know How To Listen

Introverts are great listeners. They aren’t ever trying to talk over someone else and certainly aren’t trying to lead the conversation.

Introverts like to think through the things they are going to say. They like to really hear the other party out and actually process what has been said before they offer their opinion. Introverts aren’t being disengaged if they aren’t contributing to a conversation, they are simply just listening and calculating what to say.

As an introverted freelancer, you have a huge advantage over someone who is extroverted in that you already have already acquired the skills you need to be a good listener. Your clients and customers want to work with a business that is going to listen to their needs rather than talk over them.

During my first couple client consultations, I got so nervous I made myself sick to my stomach. I was terrified at the fact that I was about to lead a meeting and was scared that I’d either come across as meek or uneducated in my field.

But after a few of those meetings I realized something – I hardly had to do any talking. It was all listening! My job was to let the client talk about their business and to occasionally ask a few questions when I needed some clarity.

Introverts Thrive Alone

My office is my kitchen table, sometimes my bed, and if it’s nice outside I’ll go work on the patio. I converse more with my dog and my husband more than anybody else because nobody else is around for me to speak with.

This is my oasis.

Introverts thrive in quiet environments and rarely feel drained when they are constantly surrounded by people. They can work in isolation for days on end without feeling the need to take a break.

As an introverted freelancer, your social interaction becomes limited as you tend to work from home by yourself without any coworkers. This is seriously the most ideal situation for an introvert.

Client Work Empowers Introverts

If you are introverted, you know by now that you receive your energy from meaningful conversations. Small talk about the weather or anything else like that can feel so draining.

Doing client work for one or two clients at a time, allows you to really get to know your clients and a meaningful relationship forms. Having that connection with your clients can fill up your energy levels immensely and help you get your work done.

That being said, not all our clients are going to fill our energy levels to the brim, but we will feel energized enough to be successful at our work.

Introverts Make Great Leaders

Yes, you read that right! Introverts make great leaders because before they make any decisions they think about everyone’s needs as a whole and think things through.

Think back to a time when you needed to make a presentation. Did you just wing it? Uhm, heck no. An introvert would never willingly wing a presentation. They come prepared and ready which makes those around them feel at ease and confident.

You don’t need to be charismatic to be a leader – in fact introverts excel at leading people because they listen to ideas and internalize them before taking any action, as opposed to an extrovert who may be more likely to make decisions on the fly.

Introverts Rock At Social Media

An important aspect of freelancing is marketing your services, and while introverts may not like to go out and network with others in order to get the word out about their business, introverts excel at social media.

Social media allows introverts to be “active” and communicate with people often and frequently, without draining them like face-to-face communication would.

Not only that, the limitless options of social media platforms allows introverted freelancer to choose where they want to spend their time.

Those who are more visual (like myself) may be drawn to a platform like Instagram while those who only want to share short snippets could be drawn to Twitter.

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