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Work less without earning less

Discover how to rank your biz higher in Google and get free traffic 👀

Nobody will find your business if you aren’t ranking on the first page

Everyday millions of people use Google to find products and services to buy, just like the ones you offer! The only problem?

90% of people don’t click past page one

…and you’re not ranking high enough to get any clicks.

In other words, if you’re not ranking in search, you’re leaving piles of money on the table and your business isn’t making the impact it could.

Enter SEO: an affordable way to grow your business on autopilot.

In my Savvy in SEO ebook, I teach you how to write content that ranks in Google. Ready to discover more?

Does this sound like you?

✖ You’re burnt out from writing blog posts nobody is reading and you’re beginning to think that this whole online biz/blog thing just isn’t for you
✖ You’re struggling to get clients and you wish your services page could bring in clients for you (on auto-pilot)
✖ You’re tired of only getting traffic to your website if you are online promoting (and you might not even be getting much traffic to begin with)
✖ You’re tired of writing content that doesn’t get clicks and you want to be rewarded for the hard work you’ve poured into your blog

If you nodded your head along to any (or all) of the above points, welcome! You are in the right spot!

This ebook is for…

✔️ Bloggers ✔️ Writers ✔️ Creators

✔️ Virtual Assistants ✔️ Online business owners

SEO isn’t actually as hard as you think

Tell me if this sounds familiar: every time you go to write a blog post your mind fills with confusion. You aren’t quite sure whether the keyword you chose will drive traffic, you have no idea where to put the keyword in your content, and you feel defeated before you’ve typed a single word.

The truth is, SEO isn’t rocket science. Discovering how to pick high-traffic keywords and how to incorporate them into your writing is easier than you think. Those blog posts you’ve written? They should grow your email list by hundreds of new subscribers each month, get you clients, and create a community of passionate fans around your brand. And if they aren’t? Houston, we have a problem! 🚀

Luckily, mastering your search engine presence is not only do-able, it’s easy and won’t take up any extra time.

Savvy in SEO teaches you how to rank higher so your business grows faster and you can make a greater impact. It’s as simple as that.

“But I’ve got all green lights on Yoast. Isn’t that a good start?”


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no, it’s not. And if it was, wouldn’t you already be getting traffic?

Here’s the truth: SEO tools and plugins don’t help your rankings. They’re notorious for over-optimizing your content which actually decreases your rankings.

Luckily, my SEO ebook teaches you everything needed to write content that ranks high. Here’s everything you’ll uncover:

  • How to find keywords you can start ranking on the first page right away so you stop wasting time writing content that never ranks
  • How to properly use keywords in your content so Google doesn’t penalize you and drop you from the search results
  • The 2 types of keywords you need to target if you want to keep your sales funnel full and keep sales rolling in
  • SEO terminology explained in plain-English so you can talk to other entrepreneurs about SEO and not sound like a total beginner
  • The best free tools you probably haven’t heard of but need to be using to outrank your competition


  • A detailed keyword research plan that has been mapped out for you—all you need to do is follow the plan and you’ll be on your way
  • Real-life examples from different niches to help you see how SEO works in the real world
  • Worksheets to print out and follow along with to make your content strategy feel concrete 
  • The simplest way to track your SEO efforts so you know exactly what’s working
  • 8 places you need to put keywords in your content (most people aren’t doing #3 on the list!)
  • Why so many people mess up their alt text (and how it can drastically hurt your rankings)


  • The right way to format your blog posts so more people actually read what you’ve written
  • The secret to figuring out exactly how many times to use your keyword for page 1 rankings (never over- or under-optimize your content again)
  • How to optimize your images for search engines so you can drive even more traffic through Google Images
  • Fast and easy ways to optimize content you’ve already written so it ranks higher 
  • Psychological hacks to increase the clicks to your content in the search results so your content gets traffic even if you aren’t ranking in the first result

Of course, you don’t need to know SEO. You can hire a professional SEO writer to do it for you. As a reference, I charge a minimum of $800 to write a 1,000-word blog post for my clients. But I understand that many solopreneurs don’t have that kind of budget for content. Which is why I’m willing to share my strategies so you can write unlimited SEO blog posts yourself.

(BTW—I don’t know ANY writers who will write an unlimited number of articles for that low of a price!)

The strategies I reveal in Savvy in SEO will help you get more free traffic. Just like this:

Analytics chart
A freelancer optimized their services page using the strategies in Savvy in SEO. The sales page ranks above their competition and brings in a constant flow of leads that turn to clients.

And this…

screenshot of graph trending upwards
One year traffic results implementing the strategies from Savvy in SEO. The website went from earning less than $50/month to over $3,500/month in passive income—a massive ROI!


✔the relief you’ll feel when you open your inbox every day and see potential clients inquiring about your services because they found you on Google.
✔getting enough traffic to your sites to apply for big ad companies like Mediavine and Adthrive (and then imagine the passive income you’d lavish in after getting accepted!).
✔ spend more time relaxing with your family while your site continues to drive traffic, leads, and sales.
✔ write content that sells products and services without sounding icky and “sale-sy” (because you’ll be a rockstar at writing blog posts that your audience wants to take action on).

Because of SEO, millions of people worldwide visit my sites

I’m Dana! An SEO content writer who manages a portfolio of my own websites while also writing content for brands like ConvertKit, Hotjar, and Moovly. You shouldn’t have to spend hours of your day promoting your biz on social media when you can have free traffic—and money—pouring in from Google.

By optimizing my content for search, I no longer trade time for money, all because my sites do the heavy-lifting for me. And today, I’m teaching you to do the same.

I’ve helped thousands of bloggers and small business owners understand how they can use the power of SEO and online marketing to explode their search presence and it’s time you get in on the action.

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What others are saying…

A testimonial describing how the user applied the information from the ebook and was able to find success

Screenshot of an email.

I first learned about Dana’s course after her name had been mentioned several times in a FB group. I took her free course on SEO and was amazed at how valuable it was. I then decided to purchase her ebook and was happy I did. I was terribly intimidated by SEO and had been putting it off for so long. Dana’s ebook was easy to read, straightforward, provided plenty of examples, and most importantly, made it easy to implement as a new blogger. 

— Sierra Freeman, Blogger

Woman smiling at camera

Just like some of you that are reading this comment, I wasted a lot of money and a lot of time on resources from writers and business owners. I was so frustrated and stressed. Once I found out Dana released an SEO ebook, I knew that I had to have it. I’ve been following her for a while now and I’m on her email list. She provides incredible tips so I knew that the e-book will be full of more information that I could apply to my blog.

As I was reading her SEO book I started to feel excited and happy. I felt like my blog had hope. The more I read her e-book the more I wanted to find out the next steps and tips she was going to discuss. Yes, the e-book is that good! It’s like reading an action or love book. You want to find out how it ends right? That’s how I felt. The e-book is that good.

Everything was so easy to understand and it’s full of information that I can use to apply to my blog. Things that I never knew of. As I completed reading the e-book, I felt prepared to implement the tools she provided. For the first time in my life, I feel like I understand SEO. SEO isn’t hard, but it takes the right person to explain it. Dana is the right person and I’m so happy that she published this e-book.”

Monique B, Blogger @ Mom Life and Monique

It was so informative! Going into it, the only thing I knew about SEO is that it stood for Search Engine Optimization, and that’s it. The entire e-book was so well written, easy to understand, and all of the exercises were incredibly helpful. I’ve bookmarked every tool that is linked within the book. I really liked how it not only explained what SEO is and how to use it, but also helpful tips on blog post formatting. Mapping out where SEO fits into the buyer’s cycle is a game-changer as well. Any kind of business can benefit from this e-book, and I now feel confident in implementing an SEO strategy.

— Heather Nystrom, Virtual Assistant

A black and white photo of a man

It’s rare that you find an e-book on SEO written as well and as thorough as Dana’s. Dana’s expertise on SEO is clearly evident throughout this ebook as she covers so much content and addresses so many small and big concerns that just about every business owner has about SEO, that anyone who doesn’t jump on this opportunity to read it is plain foolish. Get in on this e-book now!

— Steven Quon, Equestrian Video & Stills Photographer


Are you ready to rank higher and grow your business as a result? Grab your ebook today!