Hey, I’m Dana—a freelance B2B SaaS writer✍🏻

There’s a big problem with content nowadays.

Five years ago it was kind of easy to stand out online.

And you could grow a brand by writing something semi-coherent.

Case in point, this Instagram post of mine got over 300 likes and all I said was “Happy Friday:”

My Instagram post that got over 300 likes for no good reason.

But now, the World Wide Web is crowded and there’s a lot of 💩 to cut through.

Generic content is a dime-a-dozen and you need someone who understands your audience and can draft up content that delights, excites, and converts (you thought I was going to rhyme there, didn’t you?).

That’s why I only work with brands who either a) deeply understand their audience and can share that understanding with me, or b) let me perform enough research to gain that understanding on my own.

Because you can’t write iron-hot copy through guesswork.

So, what kind of results have my clients seen from working with me?

Glad you asked:



  • After finding a low-competition keyword that was buzzing with interest, I wrote an article that quickly climbed the ranks on Google and sold $6,262.34 worth of product in 31 days.
  • I developed a sales funnel with blog posts, emails, and ad copy that resulted in $40,000 during a two-month sales period.
  • In one year, my articles increased traffic to a site by 241.20% (from 183,115 pageviews to 624,796 pageviews).
  • My content has resulted directly in 20,000 email subscriber signups over several years.
  • I increased organic traffic by 38% in six months to a B2B SaaS site by developing a pillar content strategy.

Current Work

Writer + Strategist | Dana Nicole Designs Inc (2016 – Present)

I work with clients on an ongoing basis to provide them with research-backed content + copy.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Audience research
  • Competitor research

I also teach small business owners tips for selling smarter with my free newsletter Art of Yes.

Freelance Senior Writer + Content Strategist | Semrush (May 2023 – Present)

  • Write in-depth product-led blog posts for the most well-known tool in SEO
  • Research topics and build briefs for writers
  • Write video scripts based on customer interviews

Freelance Writer + Strategist | Hotjar (September 2020 – Present)

  • Research topics and build briefs for writers
  • Perform audience research to help develop ICPs and uncover voice-of-customer
  • Interview customers for case studies
  • Write ads, landing pages, video scripts, emails, and blog posts

Freelance Content + Copywriter | ConvertKit (April 2020 – Present)

  • Write blog articles, ads, and landing pages
  • Write thought-leadership pieces
  • Perform audience and competitor research
  • Develop messaging guides for products

Past Work

Freelance Strategist + Copywriter | Moovly (April 2021 – April 2022)

  • Conducted audience research
  • Conducted competitor research
  • Developed sales pages for five of Moovly’s core products
  • Developed a six-month content strategy

Marketing Analyst | TransAlta (May 2015 – Jan 2016)

  • Researched market trends to identify product gaps for their energy products
  • Worked with potential business partners to set up product trials and execution of product trials
  • Researched customer segments and hosted segmentation workshops with key employees
  • Analyzed customer data to identify trends
  • Wrote TransAlta’s monthly newsletter that was sent to B2B customers

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“Dana was the first freelance writer I went to when I needed help delivering content for the Hotjar blog. She is always a pleasure to work with: she’s flexible, knowledgeable, and isn’t afraid to dig into big research projects as and when needed. One of the best things about working with Dana is how she gracefully accepts feedback—and provides thoughtful feedback of her own. In the past few months, her content has brought in nearly 1k new sessions and visitors to the Hotjar blog. I would 100% recommend and trust Dana for any writing project and am looking forward to continuing to partner with her in the future.” -Tawni Sattler, Hotjar

“Dana is a talented writer and marketer whose editorial copy is always above and beyond expectations. She isn’t afraid to think outside the box and ask questions, and I rely on her dedication and hard work immensely. I recommend Dana to anyone looking for a whip-smart writer to help their business and to work with a reliable, trustworthy freelancer who delivers high-quality editorial.” – Claire Beveridge, ConvertKit

“I hired Dana to write my sales page for my 1:1 high ticket coaching and WOW! It was an incredibly easy experience and I am SUPER happy with the results.

First, we had a meeting about what I was looking for – she asked me in detail about my program. I knew from the start it was a great decision to work with her as she was very detailed. She also asked my tone of writing and how I wanted people to feel as they were reading my sales page.

The best part – was she did in-depth market research herself to REALLY understand my clients. To be honest, it was the best research that I have ever seen! I thought I knew my clients well – but what she brought to the table was WAY more than I ever imagined. Not only did this inform a badass sales page- but it helped me understand my clients better. I have more content to use across all my platforms.

Dana, wrote a sales page that was really easy to follow, and hit on all the pain points my clients are feeling and allowed them to see what is possible for them when they finish my program. I HIGHLY recommend working with Dana if you need a page that converts! Not only did she write the copy, but she gave me a mock-up of the sales page design. I am currently working with my website designer to bring it all to life and I am blown away by her skill.

If you are looking for someone to write sales copy, or any copy for that fact – Dana is INCREDIBLY talented and very skilled at understanding your client. I can’t recommend her enough!

One of my values, when I work with contractors, is autonomy – I love when they just get the job done without too much back and forth. And Dana nailed it. She came back to me a few weeks later with an incredible sales page. There were minor edits we made together – which is HUGE because in the past, copywriters I have hired, I had to revise for hours. And, Dana was really open-minded to making the minor adjustments to get it just right.

I highly highly recommend Dana if you are looking for any kind of sales copy! The experience has been absolutely amazing.” – AnnMarie Espina, ADHD Coach

“I’ve worked with Dana on a couple of projects across different content formats. If you’re after a flexible and talented writer with a can-do attitude and a wide palette of digital skills, then Dana should be your first choice. When I reach out to Dana, I love that she’s eager to take on almost any content or copy challenge and her creative problem-solver mindset makes my own job a whole lot easier.

The best part about working with Dana to create case studies was that she was able to take the lead and effectively manage the production process from A to Z. I knew I could rely on her to conduct outreach, schedule and run interviews, and pen cases based on those interviews.

In my experience, Dana’s strength when it comes to writing is that she writes in a very accessible, approachable, and entertaining manner. Her copy strikes a great balance between her own personality and that of her clients, making texts she writes both accurate and fun.” – Steven Kelly, Hotjar

“Dana is one of the strongest Market Researchers I have worked with. She was a key member of our team at TransAlta that organized a Customer Segmentation & Analysis effort on the Commercial & Industrial Power segment. She is extremely organized and produces great work. Her primary and secondary research skills are excellent, as is her ability to draw meaningful conclusions from large amounts of data. Dana’s research on segmentation methodology was comprehensive and well thought out. It supported our decision on the type of segmentation we would conduct. In addition to the market research, Dana can also do the hard analysis required. Her work led to a concise and well-documented report for Management. I was very impressed with Dana’s level of commitment and her work ethic. She is an outstanding addition to any team.” -Nevine Booth, TransAlta

“Dana is easily one of the best freelance writers I’ve ever worked with. On her very first assignment, she knocked it out of the park. It wasn’t just that Dana’s work was well-written and backed with a substantial amount of research; it was a nearly perfect match for our brand style and voice. She consistently provides that level of quality, too.

And Dana asks smart questions and provides rationale for all the choices she makes. That sounds small, but it makes an enormous difference during the editing process.

Best of all, Dana is incredibly communicative. I never wonder when she’ll submit an assignment or when she’ll finish applying revisions because she always lets me know.

Clearly, I recommend Dana. If you’re in need of someone who can write informative, engaging long-form content that meets your brand standards, this is who you should work with.” – Christine Skopec, Semrush

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