Single Lightroom Mobile Presets

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Lightroom Mobile Preset Pakcs (4 per pack)

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Lightroom Mobile Preset Tips

  1. Each Lightroom mobile preset will look different on each photo you use, but I try my best to test them on a variety of different photo types and skin colors to ensure they work in different situations and for different people.
  2. Keep in mind that presets are not a one-size-fits-all and you may still need to make tweaks, particularly with the brightness of your photo which can be easily adjusted through the exposure. If you have any questions after your purchase, I am happy to help!
  3. When using Lightroom mobile presets on your photos, it's best to use a photo that isn't overly bright or dark. The photo should be evenly lit and high resolution. Photos that are taken in natural lighting work best so there aren't any unwanted hues in your image.

All presets come with video and written tutorials for easy use! After purchasing your Lightroom mobile presets, if you need help editing my support team will be happy to help!