Write social media captions that make people engage with your brand.

The secret to writing great social media captions requires three simple things: first, you need to hook your readers. Next, persuade them to take action. And finally, convert them into raving fans.

I’m giving you the exact roadmap (that you won’t find anywhere else) to do all that so you don’t need to waste time trying to figure it out.

Even better, you don’t need to be a professional writer to follow my formula. (But I guarantee you’ll sound like one if you do.)

This detailed guide gives you:


101 hook templates

Writing a good lead that hooks readers is the hardest part. Now you don’t have to do it. Lean on 101 expertly-crafted hook templates you can customize for any niche.

A persuasive writing framework

Steal my framework that smartly blends logic, persuasion, and emotion. This combo is a powerhouse and will get people invested in the words you write and willing to take action on your CTA.

200+ power-word bank

Get over 200 power words (a.k.a. emotion-evoking words) divided into different categories so you can include the right words to make your readers feel a certain way.


Pull everything together and easily write your content with a worksheet to guide you each step of the way.

Steal the strategy I use to get results like this:

(without a huge following)

A flexible framework you can use for social media & more

I want you to get more bang for your buck which is why I made sure this framework can be applied across a variety of platforms

Social media captions

Write content for places like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, and watch as your engagement climbs as more people take the time to actually interact with the posts you create.

Blog intros

No more scratching your head while trying to write the intro to your blog post. Lean on hooks to write your intro in a snap and carry on with the framework throughout the rest of your piece.

Email newsletters

Write emails your subscribers are excited to get—and read—every time you hit send.

Ready to write stuff people actually want to read?