Brunette girl smiling looking at phone

I want to

show you

the power of an email list!

We all start somewhere. Just a year ago I was struggling to gain 1 subscriber a month, and now, I pop into thousands of inboxes weekly! All it took was a little strategy!

Your email list is your most valuable asset! You've heard it a million times. I've probably said it a million times, and now I want to show you how you can build a targeted email list yourself!

Whether you already have one started or if you are starting from scratch, I'm going to show you how you can create a professional-looking lead-magnet fo' free, how to figure out the type of lead magnet your audience really really wants, and how you can use free marketing to your advantage to gain subscribers. 

Let's do this, girlfriend!

Daily Itinerary



On day one we are going to talk about the tools you need to grow an email list and why having one is going to be beneficial for you!



On day two we are going to learn how to get into the mind of our audience in order to develop an opt-in that they not only want, but they need.

I will show you exactly how you can figure out who your audience is, even if you don't have one just yet! 



On day three we will talk about how you are going to incorporate your opt-in into your website and how to create content around that particular opt-in.



On day four you will be ready to launch your new opt-in and create an email sequence that will allow you to on-board your new subscribers to ensure they stick around.



On the last day I will teaching you ways you can promote your email list in order to maximize the amount of targeting subscribers you are getting!

You are going to walk away with the knowledge on how to craft irresistible opt-ins for your audience. No more guessing what your audience wants. No more checklists and PDFs that nobody is downloading.

I'm going to give you:

  • Email swipe files to nurture your list (plus, we will go over what list nurturing is and why it's important)
  • Instructions on how to create a buyer persona and conduct audience research (even if you DON'T currently have an audience)
  • EASY to follow instructions on how to create an irresistible & professional looking opt-in (and what 8 items your opt-in needs in order to be successful)
  • a promotional plan to promote your lead magnet and generate leads

Let me teach you how!