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Last updated on August 14th, 2020
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It’s my blog’s second birthday! And because I’ve been blogging for two years, I decided to do something a bit different and write an income report up.

Writing an income report wasn’t anything I ever planned on doing with my blog and I’m not doing this as a way to brag (I don’t think my income is “brag-able” anyways, HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of it)!

I absolutely love devouring income reports and it’s one of the main reasons my blog started to make more money.

But this probably won’t become a monthly thing for two reasons:

  1. Over the last two years, my income has been quite steady. You can assume that for the next couple months it’s probably going to stay the same. I’ll only post a new income report if something changes.
  2. this makes me quite uncomfortable but I know how much some people’s income reports helped me so I hope mine can help someone as well.

Being able to see commonalities between bloggers and what was making them money (and what wasn’t) has helped me slowly (but surely) build up my own blog’s income.

My goals with this blog are to earn 80% of my income passively and the remaining 20% through freelance work.

I hope to achieve that by the time my blog is five years old. Right now, I’m earning about 30% passively and 70% through freelance work.

I’m also not one of these “get rich quick” bloggers. I believe blogs that make a livable income right away are the exception, not the rule.

Another thing to note is that for a few different reasons, I decided to cut back my hours and only work part-time during the fall/winter (about 20-30 hours per week).

This means I’m taking on fewer clients and not spending as much time staring at my computer, but that also means less income.

September Income: $2,258.36


  • Affiliate: $182.45
  • Downloadable product sales (e-books, templates, courses): $427.72
  • Freelance work: $1,648.09

My total passive income was $610.17 and my total freelance income was $1,648.09. Altogether, my total income (before expenses and taxes) was $2,258.36.

We’re not talking huge amounts here, but the growth in passive income is what I’m most proud of. Last year at this time I made $30 in downloadable product sales and $0 in affiliate income, so I’m really proud of where I’m at right now!


  • ConvertKit: $62.80
  • Etsy Advertising: $62.01
  • Cloudflare CDN: $26.87
  • Adobe CC: $28.35

My total expenses were $180.03.

Tools I Use

  • Web Hosting: I use Siteground for hosting and their affordable hosting plans ($3.95/month, however, I pay it annually which is why it wasn’t included in this month’s expenses) keep my website running fast and make sure the chance my site gets hacked is minimal. I love Siteground for their customer support and their affordability. If you want to turn your blog into a business you will need to self-host. (You can read here about how to set up a blog using Siteground).
  • Email Marketing: I use ConvertKit for my email marketing.
  • Pinterest Scheduling: I use Tailwind to schedule all my pins (again, I pay this as a lump sum annually). Pinterest brings me in a lot of traffic and if you want to know exactly how I use Tailwind you can check out this post I wrote on my Pinterest marketing strategy.

Where I Found Success

Passive Income + SEO Go Hand in Hand

SEO has always been the main strategy for my blog, but the last few six months specifically I invested a bit extra time into creating more content that I knew would be able to increase my affiliate sales.

My most profitable blog posts were the ones I optimized for search because I was able to get my content in front of an audience that was looking to buy.

When people have a problem they want to be solved, they head over to Google to start searching up solutions to their problems. And people are willing to pay to solve their problems.

Blogs and businesses who know how to implement SEO will have a greater chance at generating passive income through affiliate sales and product sales, so that’s why I’ve spent a large portion of my time focussing on my SEO.

You can join my free training I created for SEO if you want to learn more about it!


In September I hit an all-time high of almost 800,000 monthly viewers on my Pinterest profile. Tailwind has been a huge reason as to why I’ve been able to scale my results with such little effort on Pinterest. All those extra viewers meant more traffic to my blog.

While you could achieve similar results through manual pinning, I just don’t have the time or patience. Tailwind is $9.99/month with the annual package and it’s been well worth the investment.

I Gained 500 Email Subscribers

In September, I gained 500 new email subscribers, which was a 15% increase compared to August. I was anticipating around 450-500 so I’m happy that I was able to achieve that.

I use ConvertKit to manage my email list and love how easy it is to segment my list and get valuable insights from my campaigns so I know what is working and what isn’t. I also love how I can track what my subscribers are clicking in within my emails, so I know what they are interested in.

Digital Products

My digital products did very well this month. I’m working on a new e-book that I can add to my shop that I think will perform better than the one I have right now, so I’m interested to see whether or not I’m right about that. I’m hoping to have my new e-book launched at the end of October.

Digital products are a great way to earn passive income. 

Future Goals

Optimize Profitable Posts

I’d like to go back to some of my older posts that have started generating more traffic from Google and see how I can further optimize them with keywords.

If possible, I’d also like to monetize them by linking to products or affiliate links that are relevant.

Increase Unique Sessions

I’d like to increase my unique sessions so that I can apply for Mediavine and see what all the fuss is about. Mediavine requires 25,000 sessions.

I don’t plan to put ads up until my blog receives a decent amount of money back from them. I don’t want to have ads if I’m only going to be getting $5 a month, and I’ve heard Mediavine is highly profitable.

In Conclusion

Doing up this blog report was a great exercise to see where I stand, what’s working and where I can improve.

It’s important not to invest all your time in one single area. As you can see above, I’ve got many different streams of income and a couple of different strategies for traffic acquisition.

I’m also super excited to share with you my e-book, From Pennies to Profit, where I am detailing exactly how you can begin to make money through your blog! If you aren’t making money yet, you’ll want to snag this e-book up here!


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  • Way to Make Passive Income Blogging

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