From Pennies to Profit

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Get all my insider tips consolidated in this e-book to learn how you can make money from your blog!

In this e-book you will learn:

Chapter 1: Defining Your Niche

  • most people get niches wrong (why your definition of niche is wrong and how to cater to a niche in order to make money)
  • how to find your niche

Chapter 2: Your Brand Voice

  • why a brand voice is crucial to making money through your blog
  • developing your brand voice
  • brand voice exercises to help you find your brand voice

Chapter 3: All About Affiliates

  • what is affiliate marketing
  • the best affiliate networks for bloggers to join
  • how to use Pinterest to earn money through your affiliates
  • writing content that converts for your blog

Chapter 4: Self-Hosting: Does It Matter Anymore?

  • is it really necessary to self-host your blog?

Chapter 5: Everything Email Marketing

  • what email marketing platform should you use
  • ways to grow your email list
  • making money from your email list

Chapter 6: Profiting from Passive Income

  • products, upselling and ads…everything you need to know

Chapter 7: Working With Brands

  • landing paid brand partnerships (even as a small blogger)

Total pages: 67